A lot of mommies are going back to work while still wanting to provide the best nutrition to baby- breast milk. How can you balance breastfeeding with a busy work schedule? Below we will cover a few basic necessities and tips for breastfeeding moms returning to work.

Bonding with baby

Some mothers worry that they will lose part of their precious bond with their baby by bottle feeding, or by not directly breastfeeding as much; this isn’t true. You’re actually bonding in a new way, and giving other people like Dad, or grandparents, friends and family a chance to bond with your child by bottle feeding; all while still providing the best nutrition through pumping! Bonding with your child generally proceeds without much thought even being given to it.

Pumping at work

A lot of mommies think that the “added stress” or nursing while returning to work can be a huge hassle, but the benefits of breast milk for baby and even pumping for mom far outweigh the break time it takes (and that time is protected!) to provide this nutrition to your child.

Working and breastfeeding is likely going to require frequent use of a breast pump. There are a few things to consider when planning pumping at work. Will you have convenient access to an outlet? Will you have a private place to store your milk? Will you be able to transport your supplies back and froth with ease? A lot of pump packages can be upgraded, or deluxe models are offered, that include amenities such as batteries, cooler totes and ice packs, and carrying bags that will afford you a quite a bit more privacy and mobility.

Breast pump & supplies with Aeroflow Breastpumps

Breast pumps and supplies can be pretty costly; however, Aeroflow Breastpumps offers breastfeeding supplies and equipment (such as pumps) at super competitive rates through our online store. Per the Affordable Care Act, many health insurance companies are covering pumps at little to no cost to the patient and Aeroflow Breastpumps can help you qualify.

To find out if your policy covers a free breast pump through insurance, simply complete our Qualify Through Insurance form. Your dedicated Breastpump Specialist will contact your insurance company and healthcare provider, verify your coverage and network status, and contact you with your options within 3-5 business days.

Know your workplace rights

Did you know the law is on your side when pumping at work? Workplace support for breastfeeding mothers is now Federal law. Find out more or check out details here. Per this law, you must be provided a space other than a bathroom to pump, and must be accommodated until the child is at least one year old.

If you have questions about breastfeeding at work or the Affordable Care Act, give Aeroflow Breastpumps a call at 844.867.9890. We’re here to help!