Feeding time depends on age

During the first month of your baby’s life, your baby will probably nurse 8-12 times per day. That will lessen to about 7-9 times per day starting when baby is one or two months old.

In the beginning, babies will usually feed every 1-3 hours, but make sure not to go more than four hours without nursing. As to how long you will actually nurse during each feeding, that will vary depending on flow, but most sessions will last anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes.

Don't forget about those night feedings!

Remember to prepare yourself for those nightly feedings. Ask your partner to assist you, especially at night, whether it is to help you prepare your nursing supplies or grabbing you a glass of water. You will probably find that your newborn will be on more of an “on-demand” feeding schedule and there are many signs that will let you know he or she is ready to eat such as sticking out their cute tongues and moving their heads from side to side.

Simplify life with a breast pump

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