What is a Cesarean birth?

A Cesarean birth (or C-section) is when the delivery doctor makes incisions into your abdomen and uterus in order to extract the baby. A natural birth is just what it sounds like, when you deliver the baby naturally through the vaginal canal.  Both types of deliveries can be dangerous, but most of the time a C-section is chosen because a vaginal birth has been deemed too risky for the mother and baby.

When is a c-section necessary?

A Cesarean birth may be chosen because the mother has some type of medical complication such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or a sexually transmitted disease. A C-section can also be planned ahead of time when you are expecting multiples, if the baby will not move out of breech position, or if baby is too big. Many C-sections are scheduled for a specific time, especially if the procedure has already been performed in a previous pregnancy but sometimes they are impromptu due to health complications.

Many women prefer a natural birth because the advantages include a shorter stay at the hospital and a quicker recovery time. Regardless of whether you have a Cesarean birth or a natural birth, both ways of delivery can be safe and are performed every day, all day across the world so try not to worry.

Be prepared for baby's arrival

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