I’m sure you’re wondering who is to thank for the remarkable machine known as the “breastpump”, right?  In all earnestness, the breastpump is quite the extraordinary invention for nursing mothers around the world but where did all of the technology originate?  From hand-operated breastpumps to electric breastpumps, breastpump technology has advanced significantly throughout the years.

The Science Behind Breastpumps

Orwell H. Needham’s made significant headway in the world of breastpumps with his patent for a breastpump in 1854.  He was quickly pursued by the likes of L.O. Colvin and Joseph Hoover, who too jumped on the breastpump bandwagon.  It is also good to note that Edward Lasker was the first of these men credited with developing a mechanical pump that actually imitated an infant suckling.  During the early years, breastpumps were mainly used in hospitals to aid women who had inverted nipples or premature babies.  Now, not only has breastpump technology grown, think double electric breastpumps, but they are used in a variety of situations.

Breastpump Technology

Breastpumps are still used for the above purposes today, however their range has expanded and has largely become an essential item for women’s every day needs, allowing them the freedom and ease to express and store their milk, and in turn feed their infant at their convenience.  The first crafted pumps were neither comfortable nor easy to use.  You’re probably thinking, “When have breastpumps ever been comfortable?”  It’s true that pumping is not the most relaxing activity for active, hard-working mothers, however, mothers around the world rejoiced when the Swiss company, Medela, presented America with the electric breastpump in 1991.  Instead of vigorously squeezing a handle back and forth to extract milk, an electric motor made life a little bit simpler.  The electric breastpump took breastpump technology to another level and has since opened the door for breastpumps capable of emulating a baby’s sucking pattern and adjustable controls that maximize both milk expression and comfort.

Breastpump Technology

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While women back in the day were praying to the breastpump gods for anything to help them with their breastfeeding troubles, the recent health care reform now faces women with the difficult decision of just which breastpump to choose from. If you have questions regarding your insurance coverage or which pump will work best for your lifestyle, we can help!  Simply fill out our Qualify Through Insurance form and one of our breastpump specialists will be in touch with your options.  And as always, you can give us a call at (844)-867-9890 for immediate assistance.

We have come a long way from the single manual breastpump.  Now we have multiple reputable manufacturers, price points, and even breastpump accessories to choose from.  The evolution of breastpump technology is far from over and we can’t wait to see what happens next!