You’ve finally picked out a breastpump that best fits your needs, now what?  Right now you may not realize the power of great breastpump accessories so let us assure you that breastpump accessories have the ability to make your life A LOT easier.

Before you go out and buy breastpump accessories, check and see what accessories are included with the breastpump you have chosen.  For example, Medela offers several types of breastpump kits that come with a variety of breastpump accessories.  The Pump In Style Advanced On-The-Go Tote comes with a tote bag, battery pack, and cooler bag with ice pack.  However, if you are going with the Pump In Style Advanced Starter Set you will need to purchase these accessories separately.

breastpump accessories

What Pumps Do We recommend?

Regardless of your lifestyle and schedule, when picking out which breastpump accessories are right for you, we recommend a few that are essential for a successful breastfeeding experience.  Many breastpumps must be plugged into a power outlet to operate.  If you have chosen a breastpump with this feature a battery pack is a must!  Battery packs offer convenience and mobility; perfect for moms on the go!  Some breastpumps such as the Ameda Purely Yours comes standard with an internal battery pack, giving you the option to utilize AA batteries you can pump on the go.  Another vital breastpump accessory to purchase is a cooler bag.  There’s a good chance you will not always have access to a refrigerator which makes having the cooler bag even more valuable.  In addition, you will want to consider purchasing extra bottles as well as storage bags giving you the option of creating a milk surplus.  As you can see there are countless accessories available to you; however, your lifestyle and daily schedule will dictate exactly what you will need.  Take for example women who spend a majority of their day driving.  By investing in a car charger you will be able to continue using your breastpump at your convenience.

breastpump accessories

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The breastpump specialists at Aeroflow Healthcare are here to help you decide which breastpump accessories you need to make your breastfeeding experience more efficient and enjoyable. Head over to our website to complete theQualify Through Insuranceform or give us a call at 844-867-9890. We look forward to hearing from you soon!