The female body is an amazing thing, capable of sustaining life while creating life. The female body is also amazing in that after birth, we can provide our child with the perfect nutrition — breast milk. Breast milk is the building block of life because it provides all the proteins, sugars and fats that baby needs to be healthy, and also contains many nutrients that help your baby build up immunities.

Breast Milk & Antibodies

Immune factors, white blood cells, and antibodies are all passed from mother to baby via breast milk. Another amazing thing is that if you have a cold, though you are likely to pass the cold germs to baby through breastfeeding, you are also likely to pass the antibodies needed to fight the infection through the same exact means! There is even evidence suggesting that breastfeeding can help prevent allergies and other illnesses.

Some antibodies are passed from mother to baby through the placenta, but your baby will still face illnesses and organisms they’ve never encountered once they exit the womb; this is why developing a strong, healthy immune system is so paramount. The lymphocytes and macrophages that produce many antibodies and other important immune factors are all found in breast milk. You can help set your baby up for immune success, all while sharing an incredible bonding experience.

The Powerful Quality of Breast Milk

The studies showing breast milk is the building block to baby's immune system are numerous — one performed by the Iowa Extension Service shows that every teaspoon of breast milk contains 3,000,000 germ-killing cells... amazing! Even one teaspoon of breast milk per day for baby can do great things. Immune factors in breast milk have also shown to increase in concentration as baby grows more and nurses less, which means that older babies are still set to receive a good dose of immune factors.

How a Breast Pump can Help

If you will be a mommy on-the-go, or will not be able to breastfeed all the time for any reason, you may want to consider adding a breast pump to your shopping list. Breast pumps can be expensive, but here at Aeroflow Breastpumps, we strive to provide the best possible products at the lowest cost.

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