New mom Alli just began her own breastfeeding journey with her daughter Harper. Follow her story for helpful tips, awesome product reviews and a look into the life of a new mama — coming to the Aeroflow Breastpumps blog each week!

Alli's little one, Harper

Like most other moms, the best day of my life was when my daughter Harper was born this summer. Preparing to bring a little one into the world became very stressful at times! From bigger decisions like choosing her pediatrician to smaller choices like picking out crib sheets, I didn’t always feel 100% confident in my decisions. Being entirely responsible for a little human’s life can make you question everything.

Breastfeeding has been the hardest thing I have done in my life. The days are long and the nights are even longer when you are nursing every 1 to 3 hours after bringing a newborn home. Hands down, the most valuable breast pumping accessory I have used so far is my Medela Easy Expression Bustier. It has been a huge lifesaver!

The bra allows you to pump hands-free, so you have the ability to take on other tasks while pumping. This is very convenient when you have a million different things to do with a newborn. In fact, I just started pumping as I write this on my laptop.

With the Medela Easy Expression Bustier, I have also been able to do other chores around the house like fold laundry and even feed the baby. Honestly, I don’t know if I would be able to be an exclusive pumper if I hadn’t discovered this bra.

Medela offers the bra in both black and white, and the sizes are matched to your normal bra size. However, when choosing a size, do keep in mind that when your milk comes in your breasts are going to become engorged and will probably stay larger while you’re breastfeeding. I made the mistake of choosing the wrong size, so mine fits a little too snug.

Another benefit of the Medela Easy Expression Bustier is that it’s extremely comfortable, which is important when you’re pumping as much as I am. Plus, it’s made of a cotton elastane mixture so you can throw it in the laundry when it needs a wash. My favorite aspect of this bustier compared to others is how thin yet durable the fabric is. It is easily concealed under my clothing. Other nursing bras I have seen have zippers, pockets, and holes all over them, which poke and prod through your clothing — nobody has time for that!

Overall, I give this product two big thumbs up. Being a busy mom, I need practical clothing and the Medela Easy Expression Bustier is just that. It’s definitely a “staple” clothing item you will want in your dresser. Also, I forgot to mention that the bustier makes for a great baby shower gift if you yourself are not expecting. It’s pretty inexpensive, too!

Ali Turner

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My name is Alli Turner and I am 28 years old. I live in Charlotte, NC and went to NC State University. Go Wolfpack! I am also a first time mom to baby Harper Estelle.

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