By Chass Armstrong

In the first installment of our four part series, we examined United Healthcare’s guidelines for breastfeeding support. Today, we will take a further look at Aetna’s coverage.

The ACA Requires Breastfeeding Support

As noted previously, under the Affordable Care Act, health insurance plans must provide breastfeeding support for mothers. However, the extent to which breast pumps, breast feeding supplies, and support are offered depends largely on the insurance companies themselves and your individual plan.

Recently, the National Breastfeeding Center released a report card to determine which insurance providers were providing the most adequate. Their report graded insurance companies on a score from A to F. The scoring was based upon the following criteria:

  1. Types of services provided (breast feeding classes, counseling)
  2. Types of pumps covered (manual, electric, hospital grade)
  3. Restrictions on coverage
  4. Accessibility of  breast pumps

Out of nearly 80 insurance companies graded, Aetna was the second highest rated insurance provider for mothers. Their score of A- was second to only Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Below is a brief overview of Aetna’s coverage for breastfeeding mothers.

  1. If covered with Aetna, you are allowed a manual or standard electric pump for the duration of your breastfeeding or a new pump once every three years.
  2. Additionally, you are allowed to receive another set of breast pump supplies if you are pregnant before you are eligible for a new pump.
  3. Aside from breast pump coverage, Aetna also offers lactation consulting.
  4. Many Aetna plans will cover up to six visits with a lactation consultant if you need support with breastfeeding.
  5. For more information, here is a direct link to Aetna’s breast feeding support page.
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