The Self-Care Bundle

Let's talk about mental health and how baby changes your life. Join us for a deep dive into the emotional side of breastfeeding, how to nurture your support system, and how to promote good sleep hygiene for the whole family.


The Brain Boob Connection  90 mins
How will you cope with motherhood? What if breastfeeding doesn’t go as planned? Join us for a deep-dive into mindfulness, breathing, and stress reduction techniques that will help you confidently manage breastfeeding with a focus on mental wellness.


It Takes a Village  90 mins
Worried that some of the important people in your life aren’t supportive of breastfeeding or some of your other parenting choices? Learn practical skills for setting healthy boundaries and building a strong, supportive network within your village.


Sleep for the Breastfed Baby  90 mins 
With a focus on weeks 0-8, this class delves into safe sleep, how long a healthy breastfed baby should sleep at night, why sleep gadgets are a waste of your money, and how to create lifelong great sleep habits for your whole family.

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This bundle features these classes:

  • The Brain Boob Connection - 90min
  • It Takes a Village - 90min
  • Sleep for the Breastfed Baby - 90min

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