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Meet Our Team

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Our Team!

Lauren Bennett

A graduate of the Medical University of South Carolina and a Registered Nurse (BSN), I practiced as an intensive care nurse for 3 years prior to beginning my career at Aeroflow. One of my greatest accomplishments is being given the opportunity to lead an incredible group of passionate and fun people at Aeroflow Breastpumps. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, camping and being outdoors in and around Asheville, NC.

Fun Fact: I started an Instagram account for my dog, and he's way more popular than I am ... @deckerdogbennett!!!

Jennifer Jordan

I completed my Business Administration degree at Mars Hill University, and have been privileged to grow my career over the past 6 years with Aeroflow Healthcare. I was a breastfeeding mother, and I am passionate about providing resources to women that help make their breastfeeding journey a positive and successful experience. I spend my weekends with my husband, son and 8-month-old golden retriever puppy!

Fun Fact: When I work out I try to avoid jumping and sweating!

Breast Pump Team Captains

Ali Mann

My breastfeeding journey was short but very rewarding. Hallelujah for Mommy Milk!

Ashley Haynes

I love living in Asheville, being outdoors, and eating avocados.

Emily Shantz

I successfully breastfed my son for two years using the Nuk Expressive breast pump!

Doug Stamper

I am currently residing in Hendersonville NC while working on my degree in Business Administration.

Natalie Spangler

I'm a communications graduate from Western Carolina University and a Charlotte native- Go Panthers!

Monica Sullins

I was told to give a one sentence fun fact about myself, but I am too much fun for one sentence.

Morgan Zink

I am currently working on getting my masters degree in Business.

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