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Maternity Support Belt

Maternity Support Belt

Unlike other maternity supports, our Maternity Support creates an upward and inward lift, providing relief from strained muscles.


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By supporting the weight of the abdomen and transferring it to the spine, the Maternity Support Belt creates more comfort for both mom and baby. Elastic construction with soft, comfortable, hook and loop front panel help to provide additional lift. Sized according to pre-pregnancy dress size. White. Available in S, M, L, XL or XX-L.

  • Two piece system helps with application and is more comfortable

  • Provides support for abdomen

  • Provides relief from strained muscles and ligaments reducing stress on the spine

  • Helps restore normal distribution of body weight

  • Improves posture and overall body physiology

Support Points:
  • Xiphoid Process (Bottom Tip of sternum or breast bone)

  • Bottom/lower ribs

  • Bottom of shoulder blade and shoulder blade

  • Very top lateral aspect of hip bone

  • Very top of crease of buttocks

  • Pubic Bone

  • Pre-Pregnancy Dress Size:

  • Small: 3 - 8

  • Medium: 9 - 14

  • Large: 15 - 18

  • X-Large: 19 - 22

  • XX-Large: 23 - 26

Additional Information

Manufacturer Core
Weight 2 pounds