Compression Frequently Asked Questions

1: What is Compression?

Compression garments are designed to provide expectant and new moms targeted support and relief from a variety of issues such as pregnancy discomfort, back pain, and swelling.


2: What are the different types of Compression?

Aeroflow Breastpumps offers three types of Compression garments:

• Pregnancy Support

› Relieves pressure on abdomen, hips, and pelvis. Use starting at three months in your pregnancy.

• Compression Socks

› Can prevent swelling and promote blood circulation. Use starting at three months in your pregnancy.

• Postpartum Recovery Garments

› Stabilizes and supports loose and weak muscles. Available in both Natural Delivery and C-Section styles. Use after baby, up to four months postpartum.


3: What are the benefits of Maternity Compression?

The benefits of Compression vary depending on the garment, but include:

• Pregnancy Support

› Designed to shift baby weight off the abdomen, hips and lower back to support the body's core.

› Can help reduce sciatica.

› Helps relieve the pressure that causes pregnancy-related pain or discomfort.

• Compression Socks

› Designed to expand with you during pregnancy.

› Helps prevent swelling and discomfort in your legs and promote blood circulation.

› Helps prevent and minimize the risk of varicose veins.

• Postpartum Recovery Garments

› Assists With Postpartum Recovery

› Relieves Swelling and Soreness

› Reduces C-Section Scar Pain

› Improves Mobility

› Helps Your Body Return to Normal


4: Is Compression the same as shapewear?

No, unlike traditional shapewear, Compression garments provided by Aeroflow Breastpumps are specifically designed by healthcare professionals to provide real health benefits to expectant and new moms.


5: Can I Get Compression Through Insurance?

Yes, depending on your coverage, insurance providers will cover compression. The best way to find out if you qualify is to fill out our Compression Qualify Through Insurance Form..


6: Do I need a prescription from my doctor?

Yes, compression garments do require a prescription from your doctor. Once we have your information, we can assist you in getting a prescription from your doctor’s office.


7: How Tight Should My Compression Feel?

Compression garments are designed to be snug, but not painfully tight. Getting the right size will be critical in making sure your garments are providing maximum benefits.


8: When Do I Wear Compression?

Pregnancy Support and Compressions Socks should be worn anytime from three to nine months during your pregnancy. Postpartum Support Garments are designed for one week to four months postpartum.


9: How Do I Know What Size I Should Order?

Aeroflow Breastpumps makes it easy to get the right size! For Pregnancy Support and Postpartum Recovery Garments, we’ll ask for your pre-pregnancy pant size. For Compression socks, we'll need your shoe size.


10: Do I Have A Choice In Garment Style and Color?

Our Compression garments only come in one color. One less thing for moms to worry about! If you are getting a Postpartum Recovery Garment, we will ask you to choose a style based on whether you had a natural delivery or C-section.


11: Can I Wear Postpartum Recovery Garments Under Clothing?

Yes, they are designed to easily and discreetly be worn under clothing, and are made with breathable fabric for ultimate comfort.



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