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Lauren Clay

Lauren Clay

Hi I'm Lauren! I am 34 years old, I am from St. Petersburg, Florida. I have 3 wonderful children who keep me on my toes. I love the beach, spending time with my family, and couponing!!

Fun Facts About Me!

My favorite thing about Asheville:

Love the lobster trap!!

If I could travel anywhere in the world, I would go to...

Santorini, Greece

My favorite movie, book or TV show is:

Grey's Anatomy

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My Favorite Part About My Job

I love to be able to help mom's in this precious time in their lives. It is so rewarding to know that you can help someone and take the pressure off of their plate in such a happy yet sometimes stressful time.

My Favorite Breastfeeding Accessory

Hands free pumping bra!!! Way to get stuff done while pumping! Double duty!

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