The Willow wearable breast pump is about to change the way moms breastfeed and we couldn’t be more excited for its release. Willow allows moms to express breast milk hands-free — the pump actually sits inside the mother’s bra for a discreet and effective pumping session without anyone even noticing. Say goodbye to loud motors and tiresome sessions spent sitting next to an outlet in a break room… the Willow pump is about to make pumping easier than ever before.

Willow breast pump

While “smart” breast pumps aren’t new, Willow has some awesome features that definitely set it apart from other pumps on the market. This pump connects to an app, but it goes above and beyond simply tracking how long you pump. The Willow breast pump automatically transitions to expression phase when it senses that your body is ready. All you need to do is press play to get started, and the silent motor will start pumping! 

The battery can last up to a full day, so no worries about stopping to charge it while you're out. The connected app (connects on iOS now, Android will come later) tracks your progress after each pumping session to keep you in the know about how much milk you’re pumping during the day. A handy auto-off feature will even sense when the collection bags are full, so you never have to worry about monitoring your progress.

Some other amazing perks of the Willow that we can’t wait to check out include its long lasting battery, its lightweight design, and the beautiful silence it offers to moms who have been chained to noisy pumps since the breast pump was invented. At about $430 a pop, this pump isn't the cheapest, but the freedom it gives moms might just be priceless. The Willow breast pump hasn't been released yet, but we can’t wait to try it out! How do you feel about using a hands-free pump like the Willow? Let us know in the comments below!



Image Credit: Willow Breast Pumps