Belly mapping has become a hot new trend for pregnant women. Do you ever wonder what exactly that bulging lump on your baby bump is? Was that baby’s foot or hand? Belly mapping is a great way to determine your baby’s fetal position in the final months of pregnancy. It  also allows for your medical provider or doula to be able to offer strategies for re positioning when a posterior lie occurs. Belly Mapping works best if you are 30 or more weeks along in your pregnancy.

How to map your belly — step by step

This three step process can help mothers-to-be prepare for an optimal child birthing experience.

Step 1:

Grab a non toxic marker or finger paint. Draw a circle and divide that circle into four quadrants. Identify the location of bulges and kicks by drawing in the circle.

Step 2:

Identify what portion of the circle may be the head, behind, feet, and hands. The head and behind are always opposite halves of the circle than the feet and hands.

Step 3:

Name the positions. Mama Natural offers great tips on how to map.  Using a doll to help you visualize your baby’s body can be helpful in the mapping process. You can feel for the head by lying down flat on your back and putting pressure on your pelvic area. The head should feel like a “mini bowling ball”. Next you should try to find the heartbeat. You can try using a fetoscope as that does not require an ultrasound.

Once you have marked the head and the heart (which will be a part of the baby’s back) try to feel the behind. Careful, sometimes the behind can feel like the head. The behind should feel hard and round. The legs should be easy to note as that is usually where you can feel the most movement. Again refer back to your doll for better visualization.

Once your mapping is complete you should have a clear visual of how your baby is positioned in the womb. Some moms like to go all out and turn their belly map into a masterpiece. Belly mapping is a great way to bond with the family.  You can learn more about belly mapping by checking out this informative site.

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