The state of Virginia is working to grant breastfeeding mothers the right to nurse anywhere the mother is lawfully present. Currently Virginia law considers breastfeeding a right for nursing mothers on government property, however, it does not extended to public areas or private establishments.   Virginia is only one of three states (Idaho & South Dakota) that has yet to provide mothers the right to breastfeed without restriction. A new bill before the 2015 Virginia General Assembly is set to change everything allowing mothers the legal right to breastfeeding anywhere!

Studies have shown breastfeeding can provide lifelong advantages for an infant including:

  • stronger immunity
  • enhanced cognitive development
  • fewer instances of allergies as well as digestive issues
  • lower occurrence of SIDS

As a result, more mothers are choosing to breast feed, thus making the need to nurse in public places a growing desire among women.

Research has proven that longevity and consistency are essential in producing positive health outcomes where breastfeeding is concerned.   The Healthcare Reform (“Obamacare”) has embraced this concept since many mothers experience separation from their child during the time breast milk is vitally important.

Because of this many insurance policies are providing coverage for breastpumps and supplies as part of member benefits in an effort to support the health advantages breastfeeding renders. Aeroflow Breastpumps has made the process of obtaining a breastpump through insurance and the Affordable Care Act quick and easy.   Submit your information today through the Qualify Through Insurance form.   One of Aeroflow’s dedicated Breastpump Specialists will work with your insurance carrier to provide you with a breastpump. We will even ship your pump free of charge direct to your door! If you have questions regarding your breastpump options, please feel free to reach out at 844-867-9890. We look forward to hearing from you!