If you have a breastfed baby or pump regularly, traveling may take a little more consideration and preparation. You will need to consider how to store your breast milk safely for your trip, how you will pump if you do not have easy access to an outlet, will your pump and accessories fit into your carry-on, etc.

We have some helpful tips to make your travel experience with a breastfed baby less stressful!

Invest in a nursing tank

If you’re flying or going a long distance, try to avoid the hassle of having to undress and dress again by wearing a nursing tank. If it isn’t exactly hot enough or you’re not comfortable, wear a cover up, cardigan, or shawl. This way you have easy access to the breast for feeding stops or for breast feeding on a plane.

Plan ahead for milk storage

If you plan to pump ahead of time so there is extra milk for baby, the best way to keep your milk good is to put it in a smaller insulated cooler. You can bring more than 3 oz of milk onto a plane (it must be inspected, but if you do your research and notify security that you are transporting breast milk, they can guide you through the process).

Many breast pump brands offer double electric pumps in packages that come with cooler totes and ice packs (such as the Ameda Purely Yours Ultra, or many different Medela brand pumps, like the Freestyle, PNSA Tote, Backpack, or Metro).

Learn about upgrade options when getting a breast pump

While these options are considered upgrades through insurance, you are still able to qualify for your pump through insurance and pay the upgraded difference.  All of these pumps can also be found affordable pricing through Aeroflow Breastpumps’ online store.

Rechargeable breast pumps

While traveling you may run into some issues with not being able to find an outlet to pump, or having your hands full, especially if you’re traveling separately from baby and need to pump exclusively. You could look into getting a battery operated pump- the Medela Freestyle comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery, and also includes a hands-free accessory set (which is a great amenity if you’re pumping in a small place, trying to juggle the pump bag or motor, and shields, etc).

The Ameda Purely Yours Ultra and Tomy Quiet Expressions also come with the option to be battery operated.

Take advantage of your insurance coverage

Many insurance companies cover the cost of pumps and accessories, and many of the aforementioned packages could be covered at little-to-no cost to you. You can find out if your policy covers these items by filling out our simple, three-step Qualify Through Insurance form.

Your dedicated Breastpump Specialist will contact your insurance company, verify your coverage and network status, and be in touch with you with your options within 3-5 business days.

Traveling with your breastfed baby or breast pump doesn’t have to be a hassle. Contact Aeroflow Breastpumps today and let us help you make your holiday travels a breeze.