Decorating a nursery should be fun not costly! There are many ways to decorate a beautiful nursery without dipping into all of your savings. You just have to think outside of the retail box! Check out these helpful tips:


Invest in a convertible crib to get more bang for your buck. A convertible crib that transforms into a toddler bed can be used for at least three to four years.  They even make convertible beds that go from crib to toddler bed to twin bed if you want to get really zealous! To save even more you can try to find a well taken care of used crib that still complies with safety guidelines.


Opt for a theme that you can make mild changes to as your baby ages as opposed to a theme your child will completely out grow. For example, butterflies instead of Winnie the Pooh.


Artwork and wall décor can be outrageously priced! You can find a ton of easy do it yourself projects on Pinterest that even the least artistically talented person can make look good (trust us we know). Check out The Bump’s DIY Mobile tutorial here. A lot of moms wish to have a mural painted in the nursey. A more affordable alternative is to purchase a wall decal that easily adheres to most walls.

Create a focal point

Who doesn’t love a loud and vibrant rug or beautiful flowy curtains? Once you have your theme picked out you can choose the perfect focal point in your room. Large area rugs and curtains can be found super cheap at discounts stores likes Big Lots, TJ MAXX, Marshalls, and more. Keep an eye out for yard sales and estate sales to try and find great deals on framed pictures.

Accept Hand Me Downs

More than likely you have friends or family with kids who have outgrown their nursery. Make the most of these generous gifts! Furniture can be completely customized with a little sanding and paint. You’ll be happy you saved the money in the long run.

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