The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends babies should receive breast milk exclusively for the first six months of life.  Thereafter it is recommended to incorporate nutritionally adequate and safe foods in conjunction with breast milk for up to two years of age or beyond.  Since the average developmental teething milestone occurs between two and six months of age, you may be interested in tips for breastfeeding when baby starts teething.  Each child is unique when it comes to teething as some experience very little discomfort, where the teething experience remains unnoticed until the tooth actually emerges.  Other children might experience inflammation of the gums, expressing discomfort throughout the teething process.  If your baby experiences irritation while teething don’t let that deter you from offering breast milk.  There are a few ways to thwart the teething complication while breastfeeding.  First understand that an infant must stop sucking in order to bite down, which may occur at the end of a feeding session indicating baby is finished nursing.  If your child bites down during a feeding session then it is recommending to discontinue nursing for about 15 minutes.  The idea is to communicate to your infant that biting may end the feeding session prematurely.  Providing your baby with a cold teething toy prior to feeding could also provide alleviation and minimizes baby’s urge to bite while nursing.  Some mothers have found success by inserting their finger into baby’s mouth while offering the breast simultaneously.  You can always consult your physician, pediatrician, or lactation consultant on other ways in which to conquer the teething phase of life without forgoing breastfeeding.   At this juncture however, many moms rely more heavily on breast milk expression by way of pumping to sustain full term breastfeeding.   

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