Pregnancy is such a beautiful time in a woman’s life.  I loved my changing body and the stages of pregnancy.  Of course, like most women I did worry about stretch marks.  I had high hopes of returning to the beach in a bikini and not being self conscious about stretch marks (I am of course my toughest critic).  As my belly (and other parts) of me grew, I followed the path through the stages of stretch marks: prevention, denial and acceptance.


There is a lot of talk about preventing pregnancy stretch marks but this is just not possible for every mother, sometimes stretch marks or the likelihood of you getting them comes down to genetics.  While you may not be able to prevent, there are some steps you can take to minimize stretch marks.  Good nutrition which provides for healthy skin, creams and lotions and watching your weight gain are all steps to take in minimizing stretch marks.  Creams and lotions may be more for comfort and to keep from itching but it’s never a bad move.


As I moved through the stages of stretch marks to denial I decided to take the tips I had been given about creams, lotions, watching my weight gain, etc. and do the best I could.  I also talked to my mom and grandmother since we know genetics plays a part in stretch marks and was happy to learn that they had few signs of stretch marks.  Maybe I was going to be like Mrs. Incredible and stretch out as my baby grew and everything just snap right back into place after he arrived.  Ladies, that never happens; embrace your body and changes and never compare yourself to pre-pregnancy self or anyone else.


Toward the end of my pregnancy and as my baby continued to grow I began to see small stretch marks on my stomach.  Instead of worrying about these and what I was going to do, I decided to wear them as a badge of honor.  I was growing a healthy, happy baby boy who is absolutely perfect.  My stretch marks have faded over time and I have worn that bikini to the beach and at no point as I was enjoying my time with my son did I worry about who could see the stretch marks.

It’s funny how being a mom can put things into perspective.  Going through the stages of stretch marks: prevention, denial, acceptance just seems like a part of the pregnancy journey.