It seems that the acceptance of breastfeeding over time has approved and changed for the better. The government has finally realized how important breastfeeding is for a healthier mom and baby. In fact, under the Affordable Care Act, mothers are guaranteed by law break time to pump, as well as a private place to express milk. Quite possibly the most beneficial part of the new Affordable Care Act is that mommies can obtain a free breastpump through most insurance plans. Some plans even allow for mothers to receive other breastfeeding supplies such as milk storage containers. Aeroflow Healthcare can be your one stop shop for your breastpump and feeding supplies.

Did we mention that the benefits of breastfeeding for society overall are abundant? Think about it for a second…breastfeeding is environmentally friendly. It does not need any additional packaging such as plastic or paper which weighs on the environment. Breast milk is easily accessible and doesn’t require the extra costs that purchasing formula or solid foods does. Another advantage of breastfeeding for the society is that healthier babies mean fewer problems for our healthcare system. Breastfed babies are associated with better immune systems, less diseases, and higher IQs.

Ready to start your breastfeeding journey? Here at Aeroflow Healthcare, our breastpump specialists are ready and waiting to help! It’s time to join the thousands of women who have gotten their own free breastpump through insurance. To begin, follow the three easy steps on our Qualify Through Insurance form. A representative will then verify your benefits and give you a call with all of the information needed to pick out the perfect pump for you and your new family.   If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to give us call! You can reach us here, toll free, at 844-867-9890 or contact us on the web here.