From back pain to pelvic pain to round ligament pain, the discomforts associated with pregnancy never seem to cease. The extra weight of the baby can really take a toll on a woman’s body. Toward the third trimester, it can become increasingly hard to move around. Even switching positions in bed becomes a hassle. Luckily, a maternity support belt can solve many of these problems to make your life easier!

How does a maternity support belt help?

Maternity support belts offer support for your growing belly to relieve pressure on your back, midsection and even your bladder. Fewer trips to the bathroom? Added bonus! Those trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night can really start to add up. Has your growing baby bump caused you to start doing the “pregnancy waddle?” Not only does a maternity support belt help decrease your pain level, but it can also assist in improving your posture by providing compression and structure.

The maternity support belt comes in many different styles and colors and can easily disguise under your everyday clothing. While it might look a little intimidating at first glance, it is extremely comfortable! Another benefit to investing in a maternity support belt is that it can also be used for postpartum support to reshape your new belly.

Perfect for any season of motherhood

Whether your little one has been welcomed into the world or is still due, be sure to see if your insurance plan will cover the cost of a double electric breast pump and supplies. It is never too early to start the qualification process, as most insurance plans will cover a pump up to 6 months to 1 year after your baby is born.

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act under your insurance plan, you could qualify for a Medela Pump In Style Advanced Starter or Spectra S2 at no cost to you and your family. Aeroflow Breastpumps also carries breast pump brands such as Ameda, Hygeia, Lansinoh, Nuk, Tomy, and Evenflo. The breast pumps are brand new and yours to keep. It’s true! You don’t have to return your pump even when you decide to stop pumping.

Supplies through Insurance

Aeroflow Breastpumps has a team of trained Breastpump Specialists that are ready to help you see if your insurance will cover the cost of a brand new breast pump. Their service is free and fast! Head on over to their Qualify Through Insurance form and get started today!

If you need more immediate assistance, give them a call directly between 8am and 6pm EST at (844) 867-9890. The Aeroflow Breastpumps team is waiting to assist you today!