No Insurance Needed

Aeroflow Healthcare is proud to announce that we are offering a patient pay website at This site is designed for patients without insurance who still require mobility products and specialty medical equipment.

Through our secure website, for a low out of pocket cost, we are currently offering manual wheelchairs, breast pumps, and erectile dysfunction vacuum pumps. These items are shipped from our Asheville-based warehouse directly to your home. In an emergency where one cannot wait for insurance to pay on an item or if the coverage is not available, is there to provide these medically necessary items.

It can sometimes be impossible to acquire health insurance when an employer does not offer benefits.  Aeroflow is committed to providing quality care and the products required to everyone, either through our partnership with Project Access in Western North Carolina or this low-expense alternative. No paperwork or prescription is required, and representatives who handle our billing or specialize in the equipment are available by calling our toll-free number 844-867-9890.

Aeroflow is Here to Help

For additional information on assembly or delivery, contact us via website or give us a call.  We will be happy to handle your needs as quickly as possible with our company’s new online ecommerce service.