How One Mama's Pumping Journey Made A Positive Impact On Her City

My husband and I have a beautiful sixteen-month-old baby girl named Lyly. She brightens our hearts every single day. Before and during my pregnancy, I made sure to do as much research as possible to make sure she would be healthy. I quickly found out that breastfeeding is the best thing a baby can have. It not only helps to ensure a strong immune system, but it also helps mothers to prevent postpartum depression and other health issues.

I work for the city of Laurel, Maryland in administrative and emergency services roles. Before returning to work I had a talk with my boss, the Deputy City Administrator, to let him know that I planned to continue breastfeeding Lyly and in order to do so, I would need to pump. He was immediately supportive and promised to make sure that I had my own private space to pump throughout the day.

Making an Impact

Upon seeing my excitement at having this space, I was given a special project to complete. My boss, and the Mayor, Craig Moe, wanted to create a lactation room for the City of Laurel. This space would be used for employees of the City who need to pump or nurse if they have their baby with them. We also are allowing anyone from the public who is in the building and needs to nurse to use the room. I have worked to make the space a very warm and inviting area for all mothers to feel welcome and comfortable. Women should not feel ashamed or embarrassed to breastfeed, instead they should feel proud and empowered to take care of their baby! In our pumping room, I have set up an area for all mothers to put up pictures of their babies so they can see the progress in their growth every day and realize how much of a positive impact their breast milk is having. I also carefully selected artwork and decor, and added comfortable seating, a refrigerator and a radio.

It is a lot of work for mothers to breastfeed and pump. I have many sleepless nights while my baby nurses. I sometimes need to pump in the car, I need to make sure my milk is properly stored once home and there are always pump parts that need to be cleaned. Even though it’s not easy, it is all worthwhile to make sure I have a healthy baby. I know other mothers feel the same way and that is why I am very proud of the lactation room I have created and I am very proud that my colleagues and supervisors at The City of Laurel feel the same way!

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