Normalizing breastfeeding

From being asked to leave establishments, or being banished to bathrooms, women who breastfeed are being discriminated against and even accused of indecency by some people who feel any kind of breast exposure is inherently inappropriate. As women stand together to normalize breastfeeding, the act of feeding your baby in public is becoming more accepted.

Mom and baby both benefit from breast milk, and there is nothing wrong with a woman feeding her baby. Per the laws of 49 states, the District of Columbia, and the Virgin Islands, women are specifically allowed to breastfeed in any public or private location.

Even so, many women report being on the receiving end of nasty looks and comments while publicly breastfeeding even when covered, and some even report that covering baby with a blanket draws even more attention to the fact you’re nursing. Publicly breastfeeding your baby should not attract negative attention or controversy — breast milk is the most natural food for your child, has numerous benefits for you, and is completely natural!

Don't give up!

Stick to breast, because it certainly is best. Knowing your state laws can help you, and ignore any negative attention that comes your way. You’re doing the best thing for yourself and baby, and public breastfeeding can be hard enough without other people throwing their opinions in.

Consider a breast pump

If you plan to return to work, or are on the go, you may want to consider pumping so your supply doesn’t run low while you’re away from your child. Breast pumps can be expensive, but thanks to the Affordable Care Act, a pump can be covered at little to no cost to you through your insurance provider!

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