In the old days, women prepared for breastfeeding while pregnant by “toughening up their nipples with washcloths.” Rest assured that advice has long been forgotten. Nowadays, if you plan on breastfeeding, it is recommended that you educate yourself prior to giving birth. While breastfeeding is a natural part of motherhood, it is a learned skill. There are several steps you can take to help better prepare yourself for breastfeeding.

Take a breastfeeding class or attend an LLLI meeting

Most hospitals offer breastfeeding classes and they can be a huge help. In class, you may learn different nursing positions and tips on successful breastfeeding. You can also try and locate a La Leche Leauge International (LLLI) meeting near you. LLLI meetings are open to pregnant women.  Medela offers an online Breastfeeding University  program that consists of ten short classes designed to prepare both new and expectant moms for the experience of breastfeeding.

Each class is online, mainly audio, and followed by a brief quiz. The course in its entirety is 2 hours and 30 minutes, and costs only $25.00. If your purchase through Aeroflow Healthcare Breastpumps, you will receive a coupon upon completion of your course.

Stock up on essential products

It is best to wait until the last couple weeks of your pregnancy to shop for nursing bras as this is when your breasts will be closest to their postpartum size.

Nursing bras are comfortable bras that provide the extra support you will need. We recommend purchasing at least two  nursing bras, as well as nursing pads and lanolin cream.

Develop a Breastfeeding Support System

Educate your partner, friends, and family on the benefits of breastfeeding. To start, you can show them Medela’s informative article on “Breastfeeding Benefits for Mom and Baby” and the 16-part blog series from Dr. Kendall-Tackett. A strong support system makes a huge difference.

Learn about breast pumps

If you plan on breastfeeding, a breast pump can help out tremendously. A breast pump will allow for you to build up a milk supply that you can store and use when separation from mom and baby occurs. As of the first of 2013, many insurance plans began covering the purchase of breast pumps for expectant or lactating mothers under the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA).

Aeroflow Breastpumps carries the top name brands in the breastfeeding industry including: Medela, Ameda, Spectra, Lansinoh, Motif, Evenflo,and more.

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