Why Do You Need Nursing Pads?

I remember the first time I was away from my son for more than just a walk to the kitchen or a quick shower. He was 5 days old. My mom was still in town after his birth and she really wanted to get us something. I told her we could make a quick run to Babies R Us to get a light stroller. I had every intention of taking him with us and while I was packing a bag my dad begged me to let him stay there with him. I was hesitant at first but finally gave in and then there I was, walking out the front door with a lump in my throat.

My mom - knowing how anxious I was - sped us right over to the store and just before we pulled into the parking lot a fire truck flew by - horns blazing. That was the first time I noticed this unfamiliar tingling feeling. I thought it was just because I missed him and I had no idea what was about to happen. We walked into the store and I looked around at all the tiny clothes, picturing my baby wearing them. I saw all the beautiful cribs and thought about my angel sleeping in them. My eyes started to well up with tears partly because I missed him but mostly because I just loved him so much. Then there it was, the familiar sound of a tiny little cry and the icing on the cake. I looked down and my shirt was completely drenched.

Nursing pads are not really something that you know you will need until you actually need them. Whether it is a high-pitched siren, the sound of another baby’s cry, or the feeling of love you have for yours - have no doubt that at some point, you’ll wish you had some nursing pads. So save yourself the trouble, mama! Get them now!

Disposable or Washable?

Choosing whether to use disposable or washable pads is completely up to you and your family. You have to make a choice that makes sense for your family’s budget and schedule. Medela has a great set of washable nursing pads that even come with a laundry bag to make washing them as simple as possible for you. Lansinoh carries special night time disposable pads that will absorb 20 times their weight and help you rest easier through the night as your baby starts to do the same. Dr. Brown’s Washable Breast Pads are super affordable and are made out of 100% cotton for extra comfort.

As a nursing mama, it’s inevitable that you’ll need nursing pads at one point or another, so knowing your options and being prepared is essential. For more info, check out our full assortment of nursing pads.

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I grew up in a small town in the middle of nowhere (most people call it Missouri). I moved to Asheville, NC almost a decade ago and I love it! I have a five-year-old little boy named Jackson who is equal parts exhausting and hilarious.