The NUK Double Electric Breast Pump is scientifically engineered to deliver the same level of performance as the leading pump.  Innovative product features have made NUK one of the most trusted brands among moms. The NUK pump is a single patient use pump designed for frequent, daily use.

Features & Benefits of the NUK Double Electric Breast Pump include:

  • 32 independently adjustable settings let you customize your pumping experience to achieve maximum milk flow and time-saving efficiency
  • Convenient touch-button memory feature remembers your preferred settings
  • Breast shields with soft silicone cushions have a wide nipple opening for comfort while expressing
  • Breast funnels are easy to hold with long tubing connection to the motor, so the pump can be placed comfortably on a table during use
  • Digital display with push button controls clearly exhibits your selected settings
  • Few parts make the pump easy to clean (hand wash or dishwasher) and re-assemble
  • Photo holder displays a photo of your baby to help make expression easier and faster
  • Built-in handle on the motor unit allows you to easily transport the pump between sessions
  • All milk-contacting components are BPA-free

Included with the NUK Breast Pump:

  • Pump Unit with easy-grab handle & photo holder
  • (2) Breast Shields with Valves & Membranes
  • (2) Silicone Cushions
  • (1) Connection Tubing
  • (2) 5-oz Breast Milk Containers with Silicone Nipples Size 1 (slow flow)
  • (2) Collars, Caps and Seal Disks for Storage
  • 12V AC/DC Voltage Adapter
  • Instruction Booklet

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