As a new mom who is beginning her breastfeeding journey, there are some must haves that will make your breastfeeding experience a bit easier.  I remember listening to girlfriends who had breastfed babies as they discussed their experiences with sore nipples, sleepless nights, the wonderful Boppy nursing pillow and the must have bra pads.  I’d have to say I took their advice and breastfeeding supply list half-heartedly until I was actually breast deep in my breastfeeding journey.  Now that I can proudly say I am part of the breastfeeding club, I completely understand there is no replacement for the Boppy nursing pillow or a good lanolin cream.  Here are my top three new mom must haves for a nursing mother.

  • Boppy Nursing Pillow

The Boppy is my #1 new mom must have for breastfeeding.  I remember clearly how determined I was to breastfeed, but as a first time mother getting the hang of the hold, position, and technique was overwhelming.  The Boppy nursing pillow saved the day with its perfect shape that allowed me to position and support my son with ease, making breastfeeding so much easier.  I recommend packing the Boppy with your hospital bag so you will have it at the hospital and can take advantage of the lactation consultants who will help you get through the first days of breastfeeding.  The Boppy provides the proper support allowing you and the lactation consultant to focus on latching and various nursing holds.

  • Medela Tender Care Lanolin

Medela Tender Care Lanolin offers soothing relief and provides protection for sore nipples.  This all natural formula is safe for mom and baby and glides on smooth and gently with a no mess application.  You will find this lanolin cream will quickly become your nipple’s best friend!

  • Medela Disposable Nursing Pads

I truly could not comprehend the need for nursing pads until I was a nursing mother.  The thought that my breasts could actually leak milk was beyond me.  Trust me on this one ladies, go ahead and get a big box of nursing pads and know that you will get your money’s worth out of them.  As your body and milk production adjusts to nursing, your breasts will leak; save yourself from an embarrassing milk stain on your shirt and wear the nursing pads with your nursing bra.

Good luck to you, breastfeeding mommy!  We hope these new mom must haves will save you some of the challenges that I faced as a first time breastfeeding mother.  Breastfeeding can be challenging but stick with it, it is truly one of the most rewarding experiences for both mom and baby.