The Benefits of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a natural way for mom to feed her newborn to provide the nutrition baby needs to grow healthy. With the natural approach, sometimes things don’t always go as planned. The baby could be fussy, latching can complicate things, and getting mom and baby on a good routine can make things very challenging.

Moms should consider speaking with their doctor or lactation consultant to get help finding the best solutions for feeding their new baby.


Maintaining relaxation can have a very positive effect on your baby. These tips can get you started with the right mindset:

  • If you are pumping or feeding, find a comfortable place. Moms find it much easier to pump in an area that has fewer distractions.
  • Be sure to your posture is correct. Having your shoulders relaxed with back and arms fully supported with help with the angle of the breast shield or your baby’s angle for latching.
  • To help with let-down, apply a warm compress on your breasts.
  • If you are breastfeeding, a neat hint: babies can only see approximately 8-10 inches in front of them for the first few weeks. Also, babies only see black hues — this correlates with the color of your areola. Since your areola is darker, babies are able to use the color contrast to find the nipple.

Relax and apply these simple tips to help with latching—if you see your newborn is making the signal for being hungry, that is your queue to starting trying to have them latch. It makes the process a lot easier as you both progress. Do not stress if your baby isn’t latching right or if it takes your milk supply a little bit longer to start flowing, this is normal.

Be Predictable

Following a routine is extremely important for mom and baby! This helps with milk flow and provides quality mom and baby time. During the first few weeks breastfeeding, pay attention to when your baby signals that they are hungry. This might range from rooting, lip smacking, or bringing hands to their mouths. Offer your breast as soon as possible. This bases breastfeeding as a reward mechanism. It will make feedings easier as you both progress with learning about each other.

Newborns have a reflex that pertains to sucking. Babies will attempt to suck anything that is placed in their mouths. For the first couple of months of feeding, keep in mind that babies don’t know when they are full. They will not stop sucking based on reflex. Monitor how much your baby is ingesting to make sure he or she is not being overfed.

Learn to Latch

Latching is one of the most complicated things for moms to embrace or achieve with their newborn. There are some techniques and hints that help to keep mom and baby happy.

  • The “Breast Sandwich” is a technique where mom pinches her breast behind the areola to make their nipple look longer – matching the shape of your baby’s mouth. This will pull a greater amount of breast into your baby’s mouth, creating a better suction ability.
  • The position of your baby’s lips also plays a bigger role than most think. If your newborn’s lips are not flared out on your nipple, this will cause soreness. Moving your baby’s lips during feeding will help both of you become more comfortable and will provide more milk for baby.
  • If you experience sore nipples from feedings, there are some easy solutions that will help relieve the pain. If you vary your nursing position, it will help prevent baby from putting pressure on same spots for every feeding. Using nipple ointments and gel pads will help soothe irritated areas in between feedings.

Breast Pump Tips

If you are breast pumping to supplement your milk supply, there are some extra things to consider.

Cleaning and milk storage are two key factors with pumping. Clean the equipment as directed. Use warm soapy water, then air dry. Most importantly, replace parts as soon as you are aware they are damaged. This will help with your suction from the motor.

Proper milk storage will keep you and baby on a good routine whether you are exclusively breast pumping or if you are alternating between feeding and pumping. Label the containers to make sure they are used within the proper date and time frame (helpful hint: milk can be left at room temperature for up to four to six hours).

Interested in a Breast Pump?

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