Pregnancy is notorious for causing hormonal imbalance. It is therefore no secret as to why women are seeking natural ways to balance hormones while pregnant. A good way to begin this pursuit would be to understand hormones, how they are created, and the role they play in the body. Simply put, hormones are chemical messengers traveling through the bloodstream to tissues and organs; they affect growth and development, metabolism, sexual function, reproduction, and mood. Hormones are produced using fats and cholesterol by endocrine glands such as the pituitary, pineal, thymus, thyroid, adrenals, and pancreas as well as the ovaries.

Healthy eating for hormone balance

Healthy hormone production and balance can be achieved by avoiding high Omega-6 polyunsaturated fats found in oils such as vegetable, peanut, canola, and soybean. Margarine, shortening, and other chemically altered fats should also be avoided. Instead opt for coconut oil, real butter, unheated olive oil, animal fats from healthy sources like high Omega-3 fish. Coconut oil is proven to assist with weight loss, reducing inflammation, and includes antimicrobial and antibacterial properties!

Lower caffeine intake, reduce exposure to toxins

In order to achieve balance try replacing caffeine with beneficial herbal teas as caffeine can impede the body’s ability to maintain hormonal homeostasis. Hormone disruption can also occur via toxin exposure found in pesticides, plastics, household chemicals, and even mattresses. These toxins can prevent the body’s production of real hormones. Cooking in glass or non-coated metal pans without Teflon will also reduce toxin exposure. Try refraining from storing and heating foods in plastic that contain BPA, and consider choosing organic produce and meat whenever possible to reduce exposure to pesticides and chemicals.

Get your beauty sleep!

Sleep plays a major role in keeping the body healthy, and sleep is vital to hormonal balance, especially during pregnancy. Adequate sleep is linked to longevity of life, healthy weight balance, and decreased likelihood of disease development. Light exercise is also helpful for maintaining hormonal balance. Activities such as walking and swimming are gentle and effective.   Prolonged and intense workout intervals can actually negate efforts to maintain hormonal balance.


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