What joy a newborn can add to a home. From the sleepy smiles to the baby giggles, an infant can be so much fun! But what happens when you come home and your baby won’t stop crying after trying every soothing technique you can think of? Bringing home a new baby is hard enough as it is. Bringing home a new baby with colic can be even harder on a new mama.

The nonstop crying can be hard for a mom to listen to especially when you do not know what to do. Is it gas pains? Wet diaper? Overly tired? It could be just that your new bundle of joy is overstimulated by this new world. Be sure to be easy on yourself. Take a break if you need to. A new baby is exciting but can be very overwhelming!

So, what is colic?

A baby is considered to have colic if he cries for three hours at a time per day for at least three days a week over a period of three weeks. Three is the lucky number here if you haven’t caught on yet. However, your baby might still have colic if he does not meet the “Rule of 3's.”

If your little one exhibits colic, he might cry for hours on end and the worst news is that he might cry for no apparent reason at all which makes it difficult for you to soothe him. The culprit behind colic is oftentimes thought to be gas.

Natural healing for a colicky baby

There has to be some type of solution out there, right? Luckily, there are some helpful, natural solutions you can use to help put your colicky baby at ease.

Offer a distraction

Make a funny face. Dance around the house. Use toys to make noise. You can even turn on a bathroom fan or vacuum. Distraction can help tremendously when it comes to a baby with colic.

Rock back and forth

There is nothing like the traditional way of soothing a baby with a good rocking. Not only is rocking a distraction for your little one but it can also help with gas pains. Use a rocking chair or just rock baby while you're walking around. Better yet, use that new baby swing you invested in!

Give baby a warm bath

Many babies love a nice, warm bath. You can give baby a relaxing massage before or after. Be sure to take special care on the abdomen as that is usually where most of the gas is stored that might be causing your baby discomfort — wrapping a warm towel around baby's stomach can help relieve some pain, too.

Swaddling = comfort

You would be shocked at how often swaddling quiets a new baby. It quickly gives them the feeling of being back inside mommy’s womb. All it takes is a light blanket. There are even special swaddle blankets you can buy that are made to easily swaddle.

Pay attention to nursing habits

Nursing can easily calm a colicky baby. However, can you think of anything in your diet that might be causing your little one to have gas? If you have to, keep a food diary so you can keep track of certain foods that might be causing your little one to be upset. It may be time to get rid of particular foods in your diet.

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