Can you believe the month of August is already upon us?  Summer 2014 is coming to a close but unfortunately for most of us across the nation, the heat is not.  Before we pack up those summer clothes and start to prepare for the holidays, it’s time to celebrate National Breastfeeding Awareness Month!


Back in 2011, the United States Breastfeeding Committee (USBC) proclaimed the month of August will be National Breastfeeding Awareness Month.   This year, the committee has asked men, women, the media, politicians, and people all around the country to disclose via social media what breastfeeding represents to them by using 6 word stories and the hashtags #NBM14 and #SixWords.  Using Facebook and Twitter, people are posting pictures, or in today’s lingo, “selfies”, with these six word captions signifying what breastfeeding means to them.


Not only does this help raise awareness for National Breastfeeding Awareness month, but the #SixWords campaign also aids in educating men and women with on breastfeeding!  If only all mothers around the world knew that babies who are breastfed for at least six months are much more likely to be healthier children!   How much happier would moms be if they knew that breastfeeding would lead to fewer respiratory infections, a smaller chance of obesity, and less ear infections!

National Breastfeeding Awareness month encourages mothers around the world to make the right choice when debating whether or not they will exclusively breastfeed.   While a large proportion of mothers do begin breastfeeding, many of them do not continue for the long haul.  Reasons such as work, time constraints, and stress all contribute to breastfeeding abandonment.  National Breastfeeding Awareness Month also endorses all of the answers to solve the sometimes cumbersome problems of solely breastfeeding your child.  Devoting an entire month to breastfeeding awareness is a great way to show how breastfeeding positively affects mothers and children around the world.

Aeroflow Healthcare supports National Breastfeeding Awareness Month during the month of August and year round!  We specialize in helping new and expectant moms qualify for breastpumps through their insurance and the Affordable Care Act.  Fill out the Qualify Through Insurance form today and let us help you get your new breastpump!  We look forward to hearing from you.