Introducing Our New Favorite Breast Pump: The Motif Duo

Have you ever wished your breast pump was light enough to toss in your purse without noticing it was there? There’s a new breast pump on the market that is so lightweight you can take it anywhere! We’re so excited to now offer the Motif Duo — a double electric breast pump with all the amazing features of a pump twice its size. The Motif Duo is a total game changer for active, tech-savvy moms who need a reliable pump by their side.

By your side when you need it most

Our favorite thing about the Duo is how reliable it is. The pump has a rechargeable battery that lasts almost 3 hours. This means that you can bring your pump to work, tote it in your bag on vacation, or use it at home with the freedom to move around and not worry about being plugged in at all times. On top of its portability, the pump is super quiet! You won’t ever have to worry about that loud hum of a normal breast pump when you’re using the Duo because it’s insanely quiet. Even if you whip the Duo out in the middle of a conference call, it’ll be so silent nobody will ever know you’re pumping.

Wondering what you get with the Duo?

All of this comes in the box with your Motif Duo. Need a replacement part? Just order one on our online store! The Duo is also compatible with other breast pump accessories.

  • 1 - Double electric breast pump
  • 1 - Power adapter
  • 2 - 24mm breast shields
  • 2 - 180 mL milk collection containers, cap, cover, disc
  • 2 - Nipples
  • 2 - Valves
  • 2 - Connectors and diaphragms
  • 2 - Tubing and tubing connector pairs

Modes to meet your needs

The Duo can operate on massage, expression, or memory mode. This means that you can choose the setting that works best for you, and switch between the three at any time. Also, you can adjust between 10 suction levels. Want to use the Duo for single pumping? All you need to do is remove the second set of tubing and close the port cover.

Quality care and support

One more great thing about the Duo is the customer service. If you have any trouble working your pump, just give the folks at Motif Medical a call and they can get your problem solved quickly!

Moms, what do you think of the Motif Duo? Has it made your pumping experience easier? Let us know in the comments!

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