Having a proper fitting bra is very important, especially for nursing mothers.  Wearing an ill-fitting bra can lead to damage of breast tissue, poor posture, and back pain.  Measuring a nursing bra size is best done in a store for an expert fitting service and the opportunity to try on various bras.  However, gauging an approximate bra size can be done at home if you wish to make a purchase online. You can take your own measurements and record the numbers obtained for the band width and cup size in inches, then use a sizing calculator to see what size may be best for you.  Consider the following guidelines to help you determine an accurate measurement: In a standing position, with your shoulders straight, use a soft tape measure to obtain your band width.  Measure very snuggly around your rib cage just under your breasts.  Make sure the tape measure is straight. It is helpful to have a friend help or use a mirror to ensure the tape measure is properly aligned. Now to obtain your bust size, measure loosely around the fullest part of your breast which is usually over the nipple area.  Once you’ve obtained the magic number for your band width and cup/bust size, insert the data in corresponding field using the sizing calculator. It is important to know which type of bra to pursue, maternity bra or nursing bra. Maternity Bra A maternity bra is worn before and after pregnancy if you are not planning on breastfeeding.  The cups on a maternity bra are designed to stretch so that the bra can adjust with your growing breasts.  During pregnancy each breast becomes 10 to 18 ounces heavier! Nursing Bra A nursing bra is worn after your baby arrives, and you’ve made the decision to breastfeed.  The cups are designed to drop down for nursing or pumping convenience.  When selecting a nursing bra you’ll want to consider a product that allows the cup to be opened with one hand.  Choose a nursing bra that is made of cotton as synthetic materials can trap moisture against your skin.  A bra offering four hook back closure will offer you the most flexibility.  The straps should be wide, cushioned, and non-stretch for the best support.  The band of the bra should fit comfortably on the widest setting because after deliver your band size will likely decrease.  Most breastfeeding mothers increase one cup size from their pre-pregnancy size while maintaining the same band width.  Your size during the last three to four weeks of your pregnancy is a close depiction of the size you’ll be when you start to breastfeed.  Once you’re ready to obtain a nursing bra check out Aeroflow Mom and Baby to select a nursing bra right for you!

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