Tips to help you get through that last month of pregnancy

  • Get some sleep while you can. When baby comes, your life will be extremely demanding, and with feeding and changing a newborn during all hours of the night, sleep may become scarce for a while.
  • Stock your pantry and freezer — this brings us back to the point made above. You will have many new tasks at hand with your new baby, so stocking up your pantry and even pre-cooking and freezing some meals will save you some valuable time and give you some much-needed help.
  • Nest all you want — You may want to rearrange your house, baby proof a few things, or clean everything in sight. What you won’t want to do is all of this once you’re coming home from the hospital with a new baby. So nest away!
  • Pamper yourself! You will be tired after birth, you will be running low on spare time and you will be caring for another human being who is totally dependent upon you for everything they need, so pamper yourself your last month of pregnancy. You deserve it!

Take time to relax & prepare

Your last month of pregnancy may be especially trying — you’re getting bigger and bigger, your milk is coming in and your breasts may be sore or tender, you want to meet your new baby and you may even be a little worried about giving birth. The great news is- this is all completely normal!

A few ways to cope with these issues would be to give yourself a break, schedule some quality time with your spouse or the older children in the home, and just take it easy.

Pack a hospital bag

Another important last minute thing to do is pack your hospital bag! Your hospital bag will accommodate your needs in the hospital, but make sure you pack some comfy clothes, a pillow, and some of your favorite toiletries.

Include anything that will help you feel comfortable during your delivery and stay. You may want to consider packing some lanolin if you plan to breastfeed. This will soothe irritated nipples.

Prepare for baby with a breast pump!

If you plan to breast pump at all, you may qualify for one at little-to-no out of pocket cost to you- you can find out if your policy is compliant by completing the Qualify Through Insurance form. A Breastpump Specialist will contact your insurance company, verify your coverage and network status, and contact you with your options within days. 

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