What Does a Lactation Consultant Do?

Lactation consultants are specifically trained on the various facets of breastfeeding and how to effectively address any issues that arise. Most hospitals have a lactation consultant on staff to help new moms get adjusted with breastfeeding and will also help you learn how to correctly use your breast pump. They help you answer questions like what kind of breast pump to get and what settings to pump on.

Many hospitals even have services set up so that you may contact their lactation consultants when you leave to ask questions when breast pumping gets tough at home. Your OB/GYN and child’s pediatric office might also have a lactation consultant on board. There are also lactation consultants who provide services privately at your home for a fee.

When to Talk with a Lactation Consultant

When your baby is not latching properly or you don’t know what size breast shields to use when pumping, a lactation consultant can be the light at the end of the tunnel. They can tell you how to boost your milk supply such as what types of foods or herbs you can take and how best to store your milk if you choose to pump.

They can also give you breast pumping techniques to help you avoid sore, chapped nipples. If your hospital or doctor’s office offers their services, take advantage of them! In many cases, a lactation consultant’s services are included with your hospital stay. If not, your insurance provider may cover the cost of a private counseling session with one.

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