Keeping Your Breast Pump Clean

Use a BPA-Free Pump

All of the pumps provided by Aeroflow Breastpumps are BPA-free! This means that it is mom and baby safe for use even if the plastic was heated. The best way to clean a breast pump before your first time using it is to boil all of the attachments given in the kit. This sterilizes all of the parts before use for extra precaution. After the parts are removed from the water with tongs, let them air dry and cool down. Store the parts in a dry area until use. It is best to clean the breast pump every day or after every use if you are not pumping every day. This help keeps everything sanitary and ready for use.

Closed vs. Open System Pumps

Depending on how often you pump, you might worry about the difference between a closed or open system pump. A closed system doesn’t allow any dust, particles or bacteria in the tubing, which might contaminate the breast milk. It also doesn’t allow backflow into the pump itself. An open system has a filtration system that uses the air to help with the suction value of the pump.

Though this does cause a possibility of backflow, there is a quick solution that helps with cleaning the pump after use! The trick is to let the motor run for 2-3 minutes after mom has completed the pumping session to ensure the milk has completely left the system. Both closed and open systems need all accompanying accessories cleaned — regardless of the system!

Invest in Cleaning Accessories

There are great products available to aid in cleaning your pump. These products are all tested to be safe for daily use. Medela offers the Micro-Steam Bags, Breastpump and Accessory Wipes, and Quick Clean Soap.

The steam bags are a great quick way to sterilize all of the parts at one time — the idea is to put the parts that need cleaning, such as tubing, breast shields and flanges, into the steam bag along with a small amount of water into the microwave. This process steam cleans any residue and sanitizes the hard to reach places.

The wipes help clean the front of the motor, accessories (battery packs, bottles, etc.), countertops, high chairs and more! The soap is hypoallergenic and is great to use with warm water to clean the parts and accessories used with pumping. All products can be found on our online store!

Breastpumps Through Insurance with Aeroflow

These are just a few of our favorite techniques to clean a breast pump. If you are interested in getting a pump, Aeroflow Breastpumps is here to help! Through Aeroflow Breastpumps, you can apply to find out if a pump is covered through your insurance for free! This is all in thanks to the Affordable Care Act compliant insurance policies. Please visit the Qualify Through Insurance link to see if you’re qualified for a breast pump covered at 100%. Let us start working on your breast pump needs for you!

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