The NEW Ju Ju Be Breast Pump Bag

I think TJ Maxx strategically places the bags by the entrance of the store. If you’re like me, every single time I walk in that place I 100% cannot pass by them without stopping (and choosing only one on a good day). There is just something about a pretty and convenient bag that can make my day better. Why should a breast pump bag be any different? Especially as a breastfeeding mom, when it seems like there are 8,000 things to carry and the one time you don’t bring something is the one time you need it. So let’s be prepared AND cute…

The Perfect Pair for Your Pump

Many insurance plans will cover a breast pump, but not necessarily a bag that comes with it. Because of this, we like to provide lots of options and the new Ju Ju Be Breast Pump Bag has finally arrived! The Be Supplied bag, like all Ju-Ju-Be products, is machine washable and includes Agion-treated fabric and antimicrobial lining. Yay for easy washing!! It’s a stylish tote that is a bit smaller than the Be Pumped tote but still has plenty of storage, a beautiful exterior and a Mommy Pocket for car keys and other important items.

Ju Ju Be Bag Features

This bag has a detachable and adjustable messenger strap with a removable memory foam shoulder pad that is amazing for when the bag starts to get pretty heavy. Other features include the Agion® treatment. If you’re wondering what that is like I was, it protects the liner by inhibiting the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew which is awesome because who knows how much milk will be spilled in that bag. The bag also has metal hardware and light-colored linings, which actually makes it possible to SEE what’s in the bottom of your bag!

The Ju-Ju Be Supplied tote bag has a lifetime warranty and can be used as a breast pump bag or even just an everyday bag! This makes the lifetime warranty a little more exciting and may even decrease your time spent in the bag section of TJ Maxx.

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