By Chass Armstrong

Is my work environment breastfeeding or breastpumping friendly? This is a question that many veteran and first time mothers are asking themselves as they get ready to head back into the workplace after the birth of their baby.

In years past, each state used to have their own laws for what was acceptable for breastfeeding at the work place, but because of Healthcare Reform Laws passed in 2010, employers must provide breastfeeding employees with adequate break time and a private, non-bathroom place to pump breast milk during the workday for up to 12 months after the child’s birth.

If your boss or manager doesn’t have children or does not have experience with the breastfeeding process, they may not be aware of the demands this puts on you and you may want to have a meeting with them to briefly explain the process.

What To Tell Your Boss:

  1. Privacy. Yes, you will need privacy, and not a bathroom with a stall. Explain how you will need this and what they can do to help you with this. Remember, they are required by law to provide this to you.
  2. Time. Explain to them that breast pumping takes time. It can take around 15 minutes for you to pump, not including time to clean up the pump parts and go to and from the designated lactation room.
  3. Productivity: The studies showing that breastfed babies are healthier are no joke. Babies who have been breast feed are substantially less likely to develop ear infections, stomach viruses, or respiratory infections. A baby who is healthier can keep your work attendance higher in two ways. The first is that you won’t have to miss work as often for a sick baby, the second is that you won’t be as exposed to a sick child therefore increasing your chances of getting sick and missing work.

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