Having a baby is super exciting and stressful. It seems like you can prepare as much as possible and still not be completely ready to welcome a new life into the world and in your home. From baby-proofing the house to making sure the crib is bolted safely, there is a lot to worry about. Being a first-time mom myself, I have been doing everything I can to get ready for a newborn. However, one thing I seem to have forgotten about over the course of these last few months of preparation is figuring out the best way of introducing baby to a furry sibling!

If your dog is anything like mine, he has been the center of attention since we got him. Will he be jealous of the baby or maybe too playful?  There’s really no way to know until your little one arrives. Although, there are a few things you can do to get ready and make that transition as smooth as possible.  Thanks to humanesociety.org, we have put together a list of helpful tips for introducing baby to a furry sibling.

  1. Get your pet spayed or neutered. You may have heard that pets that are spayed or neutered can be calmer. With all of the stimulation that your new baby will get coming into a new world, you want to make the most peaceful and tranquil environment possible.
  2. Train your pet. This should be a “given” in my opinion. Behaved pets that are trained are less likely to pounce, bite, or jump at your new baby.
  3. Get your pet a mani.This is especially important for cats and dogs especially if they are jumpers!  There will be a lot of visitors and family in and out of the house visiting your new addition.
  4. Get your pet a check up with the veterinarian. This is a good preventive action to ensure that your pet is healthy and up to date on all its shots. Better safe than sorry!

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