Preparing to go back to work or school after giving birth? Or maybe you need a date night with your hubby? If so, you are definitely going to want a breast pump so feedings are more convenient. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, enacted back in 2010, you could qualify for a free breast pump through your health insurance. 

Free Breast Pump through Insurance

Most insurance plans will cover the cost of a double electric breast pump, and Aeroflow's team of Breastpump Specialists will do all the work for you! Before we get into the qualification process, let’s take a look at one of breast pumps we offer, the Hygeia Enjoye LBI double electric breast pump.

Hygeia Enjoye LBI

The Hygeia Enjoye LBI, most notably known for its hospital grade quality and rechargeable lithium-ion battery, is a mommy favorite.  It also comes with an AC adapter so you can directly plug it into a power outlet. One of the great benefits of this pump is that it offers a “closed system” which means there is a barrier between the tubing and milk collection system. In other words, this means a blockade against germs, viruses, and mold getting into your baby’s milk. 

While this pump is extremely efficient, it is also safe for your little one. Not only does it come with a sleek black tote and cooler bag, with ice pack, but you will also get a free membership to Le Leche League International.

Qualify for a Hygeia Pump Today!

If you are interested to see if your insurance will help cover a Hygeia breast pump, head on over to our website and complete the Qualify Through Insurance. An Aeroflow Breastpump specialist will call your health insurance to verify your breast pump benefits, and then call you to go over your coverage information. 

When your specialist contacts you, they will also go over all of the breast pump options covered under your plan and help you get your pump shipped directly to your front door. The process is simple, fast and FREE! 

Maybe you are interested in another breast pump brand besides Hygeia. No worries, we carry just about every major breast pump brand on the market including but not limited to Medela, Ameda, Spectra, Lansinoh, and Nuk. Get started today! If you need more immediate assistance, give us a call directly at (844) 867-9890. We look forward to assisting you!