Through your pregnancy journey, you will make many decisions- what color should the nursery be? Should we co-sleep? When do I introduce a breastfed baby to bottle? Some of the most important decisions of your baby’s life will be made during these nine months; this doesn’t mean you should brush off the seemingly small stuff, such as things that pertain to your own comfort and personal preference. Your breastfeeding accessories will really help you become successful with breastfeeding – one of the most difficult and rewarding tasks of new motherhood. With this in mind, picking your nursing bra should be something you do with careful consideration, as it will be a wonderful amenity, especially through these first few months of motherhood!

What is a nursing bra, and why do you need it? A nursing bra is a soft, comfortable bra with clips or snaps that allow you to fold down your cup and release your breast without completely removing the bra. This is convenient and almost necessary for breastfeeding mothers, because when your baby is ready to nurse, you will be able to simply move or lift your shirt, unsnap your cup, and feed your child (as opposed to having to completely remove your outwear and bra to feed). This not only saves time for you and baby, but allows you to be a little more inconspicuous and private.

When choosing your nursing bra, you should wait until you are about 2 weeks out from birth, or until your baby is already born- this way your measurements will still serve you, and you will find the best fit.

Try to find a nursing bra made with soft cotton or materials for comfort and to reduce any possible skin irritation, and also, avoid under wire. The last thing you need when tackling the sometimes uncomfortable first few weeks of breastfeeding is hard wire jabbing this tender area, or scratchy materials causing irritation.

The Rumina Classic Crossover Pump and Nurse bra is a favorite with breastfeeding mommies. This is a great hands-free pump or nurse bra, which is made of soft, jersey knit cotton that allows for a gentle stretch without compromising moderate support.  Aeroflow Healthcare has a great variety of pump or nursing bras, and even a few nursing tanks. If you need a little assistance deciding how to fit your nursing bra or measure for it, we have found an awesome nursing bra fit guide here.

If you plan to pump, you might be able to get a breast pump at little or no cost through your health insurance company. Find out if your policy covers breastfeeding supplies and equipment by completing the following simple, three-step Qualify Through Insurance form. A Breastpump Specialist will contact your health insurance company, verify your coverage and benefits, and contact you within 3-5 business days to let you know what your options are. If you have any immediate questions about the nursing bras we offer or about a breast pump through insurance, please call us today at 844-867-9890! We look forward to working with you!

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