Breast Pump Benefits

Many mothers find a double electric breast pump to be very helpful when it comes to staying committed to breastfeeding. A double electric breast pump is a highly efficient way to express milk from both breasts simultaneously, quickly relieving unpleasant symptoms of engorgement. Breast pumps also allow other family members the joyful opportunity of feeding baby as well. With spousal feeding support, new moms can enjoy rest when necessary, making breast pumps even more popular among sleep-deprived mothers!

Pumping Helps Maintain Supply

Women who nurse exclusively often worry their baby isn’t consuming enough breast milk. Using a breast pump helps to remove all doubt of adequate milk supply as pumping grants the luxury of measuring breast milk quantities. Mothers also love the mobility breast pumps offer through accessories like car chargers and battery packs.

Medela’s hands-free accessory kit is another portable solution that is extremely popular among busy breastfeeding mamas! It provides women the ability to be hands-free while pumping. Being hands-free allows for other daily tasks to be performed in conjunction with breast pumping.

Breast pumps also remain the ideal solution for continuing the breastfeeding process in cases where separation occurs. Since the gold standard is to supply breast milk for one year of life, many women rely heavily on breast pumps after the conclusion of their maternity leave. A breast pump is designed to increase your odds for successful breastfeeding; so if you’ve decided to breastfeed, having a breast pump will prove beneficial for you at some point in your journey.

DME's & Breast Pumps

Getting a breast pump is now easier than ever since most insurance policies cover the cost of a breast pump as a preventative benefit when acquired through a Durable Medical Equipment provider. Aeroflow Healthcare is a Durable Medical Equipment provider committed to serving growing families like yours. Submit your information via our online “Qualify through Insurance” form to determine if your policy offers coverage for an electric breast pump.