By Chass Armstrong

Well, they do say that there is no place like home for the holidays. However, in order to get home, flying might be added into the equation which can make travel plans stressful during the holidays especially if you have a nursing infant.

Along with the stress of having to get your baby through security, and through a flight as quietly as possible, many airports in the United States aren’t especially breastfeeding friendly. That being said, there are a few that are trying to make mom’s lives a bit easier.

Breastfeeding Airports

In a recent survey across 100 US airports, only 62 of them claimed to be breastfeeding friendly. Of those that said they were, only 37 of them had designated lactation rooms. But it doesn’t stop there, however. Out of the 37 airports with lactation rooms, only 12 airports actually had specified lactation rooms – the other 25 were unisex bathrooms.

To add more difficulty to the scenario, of the remaining 12 only two airports had lactation rooms that could be accessed before security. Through this survey, it has become increasingly clear that airport designers have never tried to get a hungry baby through a security line.

MSP Is Breastfeeding Friendly!

There are some bright spots, though. If you happen to be flying out of Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport (MSP) you will be in luck. MSP has been at the forefront of having nursing rooms for mothers and have actually added two brand new rooms to their airport in November of this year. The rooms will offer adjustable lighting, counter space, comfortable furniture, a sink, and art decorations on the walls.

Other Airports that offer lactation rooms include San Francisco International, Baltimore/Washington International, San Jose International, Akron-Canton Regional Airport, Dane Country Regional Airport, Pensacola Gulf Coast Airport, and Indianapolis International.

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