By the time baby should be sleeping through the night, you’re definitely ready for them to... an interruption to this can be frustrating, so we will go over a few ways to help your child sleep through the night.

Start with a bedtime routine

Setting a bedtime routine is one great way to help. Out of a study of 405 mothers with infants between 7 and 36 months of age, the babies who followed a nightly routine went to sleep with more ease, slept better and had less bouts of nighttime crying. A lot of parents will set a bedtime anywhere from 6-8 weeks of age, and a bedtime routine can be any combination of activities. Keeping the activities the same, night after night, as well as keeping them calm seems to really help relax baby.

How to get baby on schedule

Most babies can sleep at least 5 hours at a time by 4 months old, and eventually during the first year, this will stretch to 10 a night. A few tips to help baby settle into a routine and want to sleep longer include:

  • Encouraging activity during the day
  • Following consistent bedtime routines
  • Put baby down drowsy, but awake
  • Give baby time to settle down after bath or play before bed

Nourish baby properly

Breastfeeding is also another way to help your baby sleep. Breastfeeding your child to sleep is a normal, loving, healthy, and developmentally appropriate method of nurturing and calming down a bedtime baby.

Even bottle feeding can help baby go to sleep — sucking releases the hormone cholecystokinin (CCK), which results in a sleepy feeling. Breast milk also contains many sleep-inducing hormones which are more highly concentrated at night and can help your child establish a healthy circadian rhythm.

Build up milk supply with a breast pump

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