We know the decision to breastfeed doesn’t come easy for everyone. Need a push to start you on your breastfeeding journey? Below we’ve listed some important health benefits of breastfeeding for new mothers.

  • The advantage of breastfeeding that most women hear about is weight loss. It’s true that breastfeeding can promote the shedding of that extra baby weight. While we aren’t saying don’t exercise, breastfeeding sure beats the cumbersome job of getting to the gym, right?
  • Breastfeeding saves money! We know there are several reasons why new mothers can’t breastfeed which means they have to use formula but if you can help it, breastfeeding eliminates spending that extra money on baby formula.
  • Mother baby bonding is a huge benefit of breastfeeding your child. Spending that time with your little one helps foster the growth of a relationship that will continue to cultivate over time.
  • Did you know that breastfeeding is known to reduce the risk of many cancers including breast, ovarian, and uterine cancers? It’s true! It’s even known to reduce osteoporosis.
  • Another health benefit to breastfeeding for mommy is that it helps support your emotional health. Studies illustrate that mothers who breastfeed have less anxiety and suffer less from depression.

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