A great nursing bra is an essential part of a new mother’s wardrobe and should provide functionality as well as comfort and support. Finding a great nursing bra doesn’t have to be such a massive undertaking. Just consider the following when shopping for great nursing bras:

  1. Never make this purchase too soon. It is best to wait until at least 8 months into your pregnancy before purchasing a nursing bra.
  2. Request to be measured by a department or lingerie store professional, and take the guess work out of achieving the proper fit.
  3. You may want to avoid focusing on cup sizes and consider a seamless bra instead. Women often make the mistake of purchasing a bra with extra room in the cup; remember that doing so will compromise support. Instead select a bra with adequate support and elasticity in the cup area to accommodate for breast size fluctuation while nursing.
  4. Never wear a bra that is too tight as restriction can block ducts and decrease milk secretion.
  5. Make sure your band has 6-8 adjustable hooks for customizing support and fit with your body changes. Often women prefer a nursing bra with a broad band for added support.

Seek products that offer non slip shoulder padding for extra security, cups that can unclasp and are easily managed with one hand. You will want to maintain a supply of nipple pads for night time wear as well. Visit our online store to view other breast care essentials for nursing mothers.

Because it’s never too early to begin making breastfeeding decisions such as the right nursing bra, be sure to do your research on the best breastpump for your lifestyle. We carry all the best brands and give mom a voice in her pump choice with over 4x the selection than other providers! We even make qualifying easy. Simply fill out our Qualify Through Insurance form and we will do the rest! For immediate assistance feel free to reach out at 844-867-9890. We look forward to hearing from you!