You’re a pumping mom, which means it’s safe to assume you’re juggling ten tasks and at least one baby at any given time. It can be tough to stay organized when you’re being pulled in so many directions, but a little bit of preparation can make your life easier. We’ve put together a list of suggestions that will save you time, and a few headaches, as you pump for your baby!

Step 1: Set Up Your Space

  • Identify a comfortable, peaceful location where you can pump daily. Add personal touches that will help with letdown, such as photos of your baby or an article of their clothing. You’ll want to stay hydrated while you pump, so keep a water bottle within arm’s reach!
  • Gather your supplies and group items according to category. This should include pump gear, bottles and storage bags, a small towel for any spills, and a book or phone charger to help pass the time. Consider keeping a notebook and pen close by so that you can easily keep track of any items that need to be replaced or replenished.
  • Assess storage needs. Now that you have you’ve gathered and organized your supplies, you can easily identify how best to store them! Do you have space for a small end table with shelves? Would a few baskets or crates do the trick? Any big box store (Target, Dollar Tree, etc..) will have a variety of affordable options.

Step 2: Store Your Breast Milk

  • Fresh milk contains optimal nutrition, so whenever possible, refrigerate and provide fresh milk to your baby or caregiver.
  • Freeze additional breast milk flat in storage bags in order to save space and make it easier to organize. Always label your storage bags with the date it was pumped.
  • Cycle through the oldest frozen milk first. Organize storage bags from left (oldest) to right (newest), or top to bottom.
  • Products like the Kiinde Keeper can help you to easily freeze bags flat and organize by date.

Step 3: Plan for Pumping Away From Home

  • Keep a small manual pump in the car in case you forget your electric pump one day. It could save you a trip back home!
  • If you’re pumping at work, list sessions on your calendar so they don’t slip your mind and so that your coworkers avoid scheduling meetings during your pumping times.
  • Keep an extra shirt in your breast pump bag case you leak or spill milk on the one you’re wearing.
  • If you don’t have access to sink, take along an extra set of pump parts. (Bonus: you won’t have to spend time washing them!)

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