Good news for expectant mothers and those already nursing!  Under the Affordable Care Act, most insurance plans will cover a free double electric breastpump.  We’ve got the break down for you on how to get your breastpump shipped right to your front door at no cost.

Free Breastpump Through Insurance

Ready, set, click!  Check out our Qualify Through Insurance form; simple and straightforward, this form takes only 3 minutes to fill out and is all you need to do to qualify for your free breastpump through insurance!   You’ll need your insurance card and your Ob/Gyn’s information to complete the form so don’t forget to include all of your information.

While you’re busy being “super mommy,” we are working on verifying your benefits for your breastpump.  Our dedicated team of Breastpump Specialists calls your insurance company directly to find out all of your coverage details; each plan differs so this is a very important step.  For example, some insurance plans require the breastpump be shipped during a certain time frame.  Whether it’s 30 days before the birth of your new one or no time frame at all, we will be sure to explain your coverage in detail.

You’ve Qualified – Now What?

If you’ve received a call from your dedicated Breastpump Specialist saying your insurance covers breastpumps…what’s next?  Well, it’s time to pick out that pump!  Aeroflow Breastpumps offers all major breastpump brands including Medela, Ameda, and Hygeia.  Insurance only covers what is medically necessary so if you’re interested in a breastpump upgrade such as the Medela Pump In Style On-The-Go Tote or Medela Freestyle, we’ve got them waiting for you.

We can’t wait to ship your free breastpump through insurance direct to your home!  Owning a breastpump can make your breastfeeding experience must easier and convenient.  You’re able to supply and store more milk faster, giving you more quality time to spend with your family.  Call us at 844-867-9890 if you need assistance quicker. We look forward to hearing from you!